How To Be Wealthy Enough For You and Your Children

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What is wealth to you? 
Is it about having a lot of cash
Having many assets
Having multiple streams of income

Or is it about happiness
About having a mind at peace 
A heart filled with love 
Knowing other beings you can call friends... 

What is it to you? 

If it's about the possessions section, this isn't the post you're looking for. 
We'll likely have a post about that in the future. 

Now let's get back to that other section: Happiness 

How can this create wealth for you and your next generation you might ask? 

Let me tell you a story... 

Today I was working with my partner (contractor work) and we were in a restaurant's kitchen. The owner was there with his 2 young boys. 
As we were working, we saw a pizza delivery arrive.
The owner had ordered pizza for himself and his sons. 
As we continue working, just as I turn towards my partner,
one of the little boys was tugging his pants. 
My partner turns and to his surprise the little boy was holding up a plate of pizza. 
He wasn't that hungry so he said no thank you. We were impressed. 
Nonetheless, the resto owner came into the kitchen with 2 plates of pizza and said: I'll just put this here okay? And it was 1 crush, 1 pepsi, right?
(He remembered our soda preferences from our last visit) 

Just those small acts made us smile and gave us a good vibe
On top of that, when we finished the job, he even tipped us $10. 
(given by the little boy) 

As we took off, we talked about how nice the owner is 
and how he's educating his children on being polite, generous and respectful
We were there for over 3 hours and these young boys did not yell or misbehave at all! 
They must have been both under 5 years old (brat phase lol). 
Comes to show you how powerful energy is. 

With happiness, peace and love within yourself, you're wealthy
This can be passed down to the next generation and so forth. 
This is wealth. This is being rich. 

Money, assets, income, that's cool and all, practical yes... 
But without the wealth we just talked about, it will only lead you through 
a darker path. 

Here's some light shed by a real one, Bob Marley.

Thank you for reading. 'Til next time! 
- Gwapo 

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